Core Competencies

The ODG core competencies are planning, process optimization, project finance, and development of air cargo terminals.




ODG develops air cargo facilities.  The development includes the orchestration of all core competencies together with the entitlements, concessions, construction management, marketing, and property management.  ODG draws upon its unparalleled experience, in-house resources, and innovation in the development of air cargo facilities.


Project Finance


ODG arranges project finance for the acquisition and development of air cargo facilities.  The project finance can include bank debt, bond debt, private equity, institutional equity, corporate equity, government grants, or some combination thereof.  ODG sources and structures the relevant financing necessary to realize the project.




ODG provides design and engineering services in the planning of air cargo facilities.  The planning function allows for the right sizing of the development to the specific needs of the tenant and airport.  ODG designs process-oriented modular facilities that allow for future growth and technologies.


Process Optimization


ODG offer process optimization services in the operation of air cargo facilities.  Process optimization allows for an increased throughput for improved performance and reduced costs. ODG harnesses the power of big data to determine sub-process streams and disruptive innovation to optimize these streams.