ODG develops first and second line air cargo facilities that have a clear and demonstrative nexus to the air cargo operation.  ODG projects include air cargo handling terminals, forward handling facilities, perishable centers, integrator facilities, forwarder facilities, consolidation centers, assembly facilities, e-commerce facilities, duty free centers, and free trade zones.


Unlike any other air cargo developer, ODG is fully vested in the success of the air cargo operation and airport.  ODG creates direct, indirect, and induced value for the entire air cargo supply chain through actual, functional, or collaborative partners in value engineered solutions.


What sets ODG apart is its penetrating understanding of air cargo handling operations, processes, and automation.  ODG harnesses the power of disruptive innovation in quantitative analytics to right-size optimized, future-oriented air cargo facilities that allow for highly efficient handling operations and result in reduced handling costs.  The ability to move beyond the passive role of a landlord developer allows ODG to expand the air cargo development horizon in ways never before imagined.


ODG principals have been on the leading edge of air cargo facility development with a long list of industry firsts:


  • The first large-scale, third-party air cargo facility ever developed.
  • The first third-party air cargo facility to 100% financed with tax-exempt bonds.
  • The first third-party air cargo facility to rated investment grade.
  • The first third-party air cargo facility at JFK, MIA, EWR, and MMX.
  • The first third-party air cargo facility to be built in a public-private partnership
  • The first third-party air cargo facility to 100% financed with bank debt.


A global company, ODG is headquartered in Atlanta (USA) and Baden-Baden (DE) with offices in Moscow (RU), Dubai (UAE), Toronto (CAN), and London (UK). ODG has a complete suite of design, finance, and development in-house resources, including air cargo quantitative analytics, process design, capacity/demand modeling, process optimization, operations, material handling design, material handling engineering, architectural design, structural engineering, tender management, project finance, investment structures, contract law, public law, entitlements, installation, site supervision, construction management, and property management.